Established in 2012, Key Fincorp has been at the forefront of innovation, in the areas of institutional finance and investment banking. Our customers succeed because of our tenacious focus on research, networking, and customer service. With a deep understanding of your core business needs, unmatched financial discipline and a strong focus on regulatory compliance, we bring tangible results across a wide spectrum of corporate finance needs. Key Fincorp's core mission as a trusted Investment Banking and Corporate Advisory partner is to serve the valuable clients with next-generation solutions and managed services for Debt Syndication, Corporate Loan, Acquisition Finance, Consortium Management, Offshore borrowings, SBLC as well as risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities. The diversity of our operations, which is combined with our strong commitment towards quality solutions, together has contributed to our unparalleled track record of service and profitability.

At Key Fincorp, the collective strength of our high calibre experts (from across the industry) amalgamates to provide top-notch quality financial solutions to our clients, community, and shareholders . This way, the company assures the disciplined execution of business solutions and helps the vast clientele to attain the desired financial objectives. Furthermore, we help our clients to make better informed financial decisions while letting them achieve their financial objectives and make sure they are generating more value, which definitely leads the way to a bright future. Our professionals specialize in complex, challenging, unconventional situations that require bespoke financial solutions.

Key Fincorp is a one-stop shop for all your financing needs. We can handle projects of virtually any size and scope.

The company has been established with an aim to address each and every growing need of its vast clientele with three fundamental ethos: expertise, accountability, and transparency . We provide tailor-made solutions to our clients after a significant understanding of the market trends and deep-dive analyses. With presence in India, Japan and Singapore we offer you world-class financial expertise, international benchmarks and the flexibility to manage global operations using a single, integrated service model.


    Our mission is to shape long-term, mutually beneficial professional associations, by providing high quality financial services to organizations and institutions.

    Our vision is to set the benchmark in the financial services for innovation, customer service and trust.


    We are driven by a continuous need to:
    • Provide the highest standards of service to our customers.
    • Build long-term relationships with our customers, partners and team members.
    • Base each and every relationship on the integrity, commitment and respect.
    • Build knowledge, innovation and collaboration.

Core Team

Global Footprint

We currently have operations in Singapore, Japan and India. We are in the process of setting up business in London and Abu Dhabi.

We have clients spread across the globe.

The Key Fincorp Advantage

Businesses are looking to bring onboard credible partners who can help them innovate, expand and adapt in a fast-changing business environment. At Key Fincorp, we work closely with our clients to bring a wide variety of innovative, tailor-made and industry specialized solutions to the table. Our clients have benefitted from our innovation-driven approach in a number of ways, including: