Infrastructure and Real Estate Funding Infrastructure and Real Estate Funding

With the government’s push to infrastructure projects, there has been largescale growth in the sector over the last decade. Infrastructure and real estate companies need to build sufficient financial strength to ensure timely completion of projects.

Key Fincorp helps infrastructure and real estate companies structure their fund raising programs and manage their asset portfolio over the course of the project. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services to organizations, including arranging loans, leveraging real estate or infrastructure funds and managing regulatory challenges. Our services include:

  • Due diligence
  • Debt structuring
  • Asset management
  • Portfolio management
  • Transaction execution

We have rich funding experience across multiple industries, including urban infrastructure, telecommunications, mining, transportation, ports, oil and energy.

  • Lease Rental Discounting
  • Construction Finance
  • LAP (Loan against Property) / ABL (Asset Backend Lending) CF